From Your Real World to the Metaverse

AoD is a unique and immersive blockchain based shared human experience NFT game connecting your real world to the metaverse.

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  • Phase 1: A Casual X2Earn Experience

    Many ways to earn through casual quests. Play2Earn, Stake2Earn, Buy2Earn Sell2Earn.

  • Phase 2: Tokens for the Meta & Physical

    Earn Arkon Crystals and buy NFTs, grocery items and other physical goods on the Ark Store.

  • Phase 3: The Arkonia Metaverse

    Explore, meet, chat, quest & shop in a casual digital realm designed for all ages.

  • Phase 4: Bring Your Own NFT

    Import your PFP and companion from supporting NFT projects or get one for free on us.